Transportation Problems In Multi-campuses In Higher Institution Of Learning And Their Possible Solutions (A Case Study Of IMT Enugu)

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The study has the aim of elaborating on some of the causes of transportation problems in multi-campuses in higher institutions of learning and their possible solution.

The method of research used to collect information for the study is secondary source, with the help of secondary source, the researcher was able to ascertain some of the causes of transportation problem in multi-campuses in higher institutions of learning such as bad road etc and their possible solution.

Based on these findings, useful suggestions were equally made on how to solve the problem of transportation in multi-campuses. Some of these suggestions include proper management, re-orientation, abolition of multi-campuses system etc.

Table of Content

Title page

Approval page


Table of contents


1.0 Introduction

1.1 General background to the subject matter

1.2 Problems associated with the subject matter

1.3 The problems that the study will be concerned with

1.4 The Importance of the studying the area

1.5 Definition of important terms

1.6 Reference


2.0 Literature Review

2.1 School of Thought within the subject area

2.2 The origin of the subject area

2.3 The School of Thought relevant to the problem of study

2.4 Different methods of studying the problem

2.5 Summary

2.6 Reference


3.0 Conclusion

3.1 Data presentation (Highlights of the subject)

3.2 Analysis of the Data

3.3 Recommendation

3.4 Conclusions

3.5 References


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