Design And Fabrication Of 80cm X 70cm X 50cm Mobile Deep Freezer

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The need for an authentic and reliable report relating to the design and construction of 80cm x 70cm x 50cm mobile deep freezer is inevitable. It should be a top priority of every individual in order to avoid huge expenditure in purchase to foreign ones. Its for this reason that this report is written for the benefit of those who are privilege to design and construct their own deep freezer for used.

This report is base on ordinary and advanced level research, in order to aid easy reading and understood for an average person.

This report is divided into chapters, which discussed extensively, the introduction of mobile deep freezer, the introduction of mobile deep freezer, the history the practical refrigeration cycle with full attention given to design factors, working principle and choice of materials. The method use in fabrication, assembly and knowing the safety requirement.

Subsequently, advanced information pertaining calculation about the project have been given in certain section of this report which will be beneficial to those interested in the design and construction of 80cm x 70cm x 50cm mobile deep freezer

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Table of Contents

Table of Illustration

List of Symbols


1.0 Introduction

1.1 What Prompted the Project

1.2 Purpose of the Project

1.3 Importance of the Project

1.4 Benefits of the Project


2.0 Literature Review

2.1 Specification of the Problem

2.2 Conditions for Use

2.3 Characteristic of the Project

2.4 Performance of the Project

2.5 Reliability and Life


3.0 Synthesis of Solution

3.1 Theory of Design and Analysis

3.2 Design Calculation

3.3 Determination of Compressor Size

3.4 Coefficient of Performance


4.0 Construction Maintenance Procedures

4.1 Description of Materials Selected

4.2 Description of Tools/Equipment Used and Procedures

4.3 Assembly of the Work or Project

4.4 Testing and Evaluation


5.0 Costing of the Project

5.1 Conclusion

5.2 Recommendation

5.3 References


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