Myschool CBT Challenge Season 5 Begins

Event Date: Monday, 26th November 2018

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1 year ago
How can i be elligible to partake in this upcoming exercise?
1 year ago
pls can I join
1 year ago
I want to partake in the upcoming exercise, please how can I join
1 year ago
How can I partake???
1 year ago
please how do i join the exercise
1 year ago
I would love to participate
1 month ago

Before we can discuss on the role of government and its citizens. What is Covid-19?
Covid-19 stands for Corona Virus Disease 2019, also known as the Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), discovered at the Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market in Wuhan Province, China which later became SARS-COV-2 and has been found to be lethal and deadly to the human life as it affects the body cells and causes respiratory problems; it is however a huge threat to the economy of the world.
So with the little knowledge of what the Covid-19 is, the government (both at the state and federal level especially) is required to be first of all informed and inform us, which the Nigerian government has been poorly doing since the outbreak of the disease in 2019. We are always getting the wrong information and as such giving out the same wrong information which later gives birth to vicious rumours, we require the government to keep their selves updated and in turn keep us the citizens updated on the development of the Covid-19 ranging from the health status of the citizens to preventive measures and generally the whole news of the pandemic.
Furthermore, another role of the government will be the total lockdown of public places in order to alleviate the gathering of people with a view to curtailing and containing the spread of the virus Covid-19, reasons being that the virus are droplets and as such spreads from a person to the other when coming in direct contact with an infected person or an infected object. Therefore, mandatory lockdown is compulsory if must overshadow the plague.
Another stipulated role of the government is providing up to date medical facilities, Intensive Care Units (ICUs) and ventilators as that is what will ensure proper isolation and management of the infected persons and the disease itself. This aspect too has been poorly handled by the government as we can see that purely they are not ready to tackle this disease, but if they can use funds to do the needful and employ more professional hands, then the virus is way on its way!!
And lastly the government has the role to play in providing for the masses as a civil right; certain commissions should be paid in either cash or 'kind' not only to the government workers but to all citizens so as to reduce hunger and prevent an uprising and retaliation on the part of the citizens as can be related to a quote once made by a Nigerian novelist Florence Onyebuchi Emecheta that 'a hungry man is an angry one'. So, relief materials and packages would go a long way in ensuring the citizen's 'Stay At Home' and comply or adhere strictly to the lockdown or movement restriction which in turn, helps keep the virus in a place.
The other important, yet insignificant roles are constant electricity providence and water supply uncut and adequate security et medical personnel resources on ground.

Now, the roles of the citizens in tackling this homogeneous crisis are quite similar to the roles of the government and the first one is proper divulgence of information through the right mediums and passages. We Africans and Nigerians are really interested to spread interesting stories which are predominantly rumours other than telling the real thing, so accurate information is highly imperative to keep the virus from spreading.
Moreover, adherence to the lockdown measures put in place by the authorities is vital. Of recent, videos of citizens going for their normal activities as if nothing was going on sufficed the internet and we can see the security officers being harassed because they want to ensure compliance of the rules on the part of the citizens which is uncalled for. So citizens should learn obedience, it is important in tackling the crisis initiated by the Covid-19.
Thirdly, social distancing is important. Researchers say that SARS-CoV-2’s rapid spread is likely due to the movements of people with no or very mild symptoms — namely, those who are unaware that they even have the virus. That is why social distancing is such an important containment measure. It is key to make sure we all survive this plague because the little time given for movement should not be time for socializing and mingling, so as such, social distancing is advised, not to mention the sanitary measures of washing one's hands and sanitizing it when coming in contact either with an infected person or not, it kills the virus and prevents spread.
Also, reporting to the right authorities when a person close to another shows the symptoms of the Covid-19 so that proper measures and isolation would be paramount.
Lastly, having the interest of one another is important, so also are prayers; prayers for the country, prayers for the affected and infected amongst us. Prayers for the world generally because even as we take preventive measures without God, we cannot surmount the problem, so therefore praying or prayers are advised to be done on behalf of everyone and on behalf of each other irrespective of one's religion, prayers to God would go a long way in solving the problem.

As discussed above, provision of quality and standard medical facilities and basic social amenities, lockdown of public gathering spots, adequate updated information on the viral disease all by the government in addition to the citizen's total obedience and compliance to laid down rules by the government, selflessness, regular washing of hands, social distancing and earnest prayers to God will surely abate immensely the Covid-19 crisis. Thanks.