Physics 2014 JAMB Past Questions

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Heat transfer by convection in a liquid is due to the

  • A. Latent heat of vaporization of the liquid
  • B. Increased vibration of the molecules of the liquid about theit mean position
  • C. Variation of density of the liquid
  • D. Expansion of the liquid as it is heated
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The distance between two successive crests of a wave is 15cm and the velocity 300ms-1. Calculate the frequency.
  • A. 2.0x102Hz
  • B. 4.5x103Hz
  • C. 2.0x103Hz
  • D. 4.5x102Hz
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A boy receives the echo of his clap reflected by a nearby hill 0.8s later. How far is he from the hill?
  • A. 528m
  • B. 66m
  • C. 136m
  • D. 264m
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An object is placed 10m from a pinhole camera of length 25cm. Calculate the linear magnification.
  • A. 2.5x102
  • B. 2.5x10-2
  • C. 2.5x10-1
  • D. 2.5x101
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The focal length of a concave mirror is 2.0cm. If an object is placed 8.0cm from it, the image is at
  • A. 2.7m
  • B. 2.0m
  • C. 2.3m
  • D. 2.5m
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