Physics 2014 JAMB Past Questions

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What is the least possible error encountered when taking measurement with a meter rule?
  • A. 0.1mm
  • B. 1.0mm
  • C. 0.5mm
  • D. 0.2mm
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A quantity which requires magnitude and direction to be specified is
  • A. Temperature
  • B. Distance
  • C. Displacement
  • D. Mass
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I Electrical potential, II Torque, III Kinetic Energy, IV Momentum. Which of the quantities listed are vectors?
  • A. II and IV
  • B. I and II
  • C. I and III
  • D. II and III
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Which type of motion do the wheels of a moving car undergo?

  • A. Vibratory and translational motion
  • B. Random and translational motion
  • C. Rotational mand oscillatory motion
  • D. Translational and rotational motion
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A car accelerates uniformly from rest at 3ms-2. its velocity after traveling a distance of 24m is
  • A. 12ms-1
  • B. 144ms-1
  • C. 72ms-1
  • D. 36ms-1
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