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Mathematics Past Questions

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A box contains two red balls and four blue balls. A ball is drawn at random from the box and then replaced before a second ball is drawn. Find the probability of drawing two red balls.

  • A. \(\frac{2}{3}\)
  • B. \(\frac{1}{3}\)
  • C. \(\frac{1}{4}\)
  • D. \(\frac{1}{9}\)
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Which one of the following gives the members of the set A1 n B n C?

  • A. Φ
  • B. {s}
  • C. {t, u}
  • D. {y, z}
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If P = [\(\frac{Q(R - T)}{15}\)] \(\frac{1}{3}\) make T the subject of the relation

  • A. T = \(\frac{R + P^3}{15Q}\)
  • B. T = \(\frac{R - 15P^3}{Q}\)
  • C. T = \(\frac{R - 15P^3}{Q}\)
  • D. T = \(\frac{15R - Q}{P^3}\)
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Calculate the area of an equilateral triangle of side 8cm

  • A. 8√3
  • B. 16
  • C. 4√3
  • D. 16√3
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The pie chart shows the monthly expenditure of a public servant. The monthly expenditure on housing is twice that of school fees. How much does the worker spend on housing if his monthly income is ₦7200?

  • A. ₦1000
  • B. ₦2000
  • C. ₦3000
  • D. ₦4000
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