Look at this series: 2, 1, \(\frac{1}{2}\), \(\frac{1}{4}\), ... What number should come next?

Look at this series: 2, 1, \(\frac{1}{2}\), \(\frac{1}{4}\), ... What number should come next?
This is a simple division series; each number is one-half of the previous number.

In other terms to say, the number is divided by 2 successively to get the next result.

\(\frac{4}{2} = 2\)
\(\frac{1}{2}= 1\)
\(\frac{1}{2}\) = \(\frac{1}{2}\)

\(\frac{\frac{1}{2}}{2}\)= \(\frac{1}{4}\)

\(\frac{\frac{1}{4}}{2}\)= \(\frac{1}{8}\) and so on.

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4 years ago
an easier way to solve dis is by dividing d sound series wit d first series den multiply ur answer being 1/2 to 1/4 wich will give u 1/8.
5 years ago
since u ar dealing wit ratio we use geometric progression(G.P)



n=5 T1=2,T2=1,T3=1/2,T4=1/4,T5=?



so therefore:

T5=2 (1/2) ^ 5 - 1

T5=2 (1/2) ^ 4

T5=2 (1^4 / 2^4)

T5=2 (1/16)=2 x 1/16=2/16=1/8

so T5=1/8...

gotcha...Timileyin omo oba B@doo...
4 years ago
very easy..mere seeing itvu knw d answer nce site
4 years ago
d question is obvious***as we can all see...... 1, 2 1/2, 1//4...d next ans is 1/8
6 years ago
is correct
adie anthony oko
6 years ago
the answer to ds question is ovious.
1 year ago
cutie ib
5 years ago
1/8 is correct
4 years ago
The correct ans is B.using un=ar^n-1,we have the 5th term to be 2/2^4=1/8ans.
purple prinxy
4 years ago
yes it is a gp question bt u can equally multiply by 1/2 to get 1/8
6 years ago
d fact is any term times 1/2. I.e 1/2*1/4-(B)
Gifted ore
3 years ago
d numbers r multiplied by d fraction half(1/2)......therefore d ans is 1/8.
Felix Brown
6 years ago
Gp procedure is 4 theory while mere looking at it is 4 d objective question
5 years ago
yap 2paq u are right
4 years ago
normally it's a simple division method,u just divide it by 2 Nd then u know Wat comes next.

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