Choose the option that best conveys the meaning of the underlined portion in the following...

Choose the option that best conveys the meaning of the underlined portion in the following sentence;
His jail terms were to run concurrently
  • A. simultaneously
  • B. uniformly
  • C. laboriously
  • D. consecutively
  • E. judiciously
Correct Answer: Option A
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Contributions (48)

5 years ago
Simultaneously is correct cos he is servin more dan one punishment at d same time jst as dat of maths
2 years ago
yea... A is the correct answer because Concurrent is synonymous to simultaneously.
a current tin is somtin dat happens simultanusly
6 years ago
Thats it. On point
Lucky bird
4 years ago
YGS TNX 4 d explntion
Igbinedion Jaynine
3 years ago
is dere anyway 2 increase d exam tym here ?
5 years ago
I didn't understand at first but its kool we ve people here that understand..thanks for the explanation
6 years ago
Correct jus lik maths:Simultaneous equation
6 years ago
3 years ago
Wow vry nice answer
olaosun gbemisola
6 years ago
Concurrently is also d same with simultaneously or aat d same time.
6 years ago
am lost. i don't understand this question
5 years ago
That's mathematical English
2 years ago
i dnt really understand
5 years ago
thats mathematical english

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