September Admission 2019/2020 into Accra Institute of Techonology, Ghana - Undergraduate Programs 6

Choose the option that best conveys the meaning of the underlined portion in the following...

Choose the option that best conveys the meaning of the underlined portion in the following sentence;
From the ways my friend talks, you can see he is such a bore
  • A. rude
  • B. brilliant
  • C. uninteresting
  • D. overbearing
  • E. humorous
Correct Answer: Option C
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Contributions (90)

4 years ago
Bore UnOrganinsed Or Dis Orientated.
6 years ago
a bore is someone you can't have fun with, someone unadventurous and not interesting
3 years ago
Bore, boring, uninteresting. Simple.
4 years ago
bore can still be boring meaning: sumtin dat is not interesting or dull
6 years ago
Bore alwayz mean smtin dat is nt interestin, i dnt tink u guyz shud av a problem wif dis...
Felix Brown
6 years ago
From d word bore u get d word boring. Wht d statement implies is dat his talks is always boring 2 listen to
6 years ago
And there's a typo in d question.. It should be "From d (way) my friend talks".. not from d ways. Great job on this community tho.
4 years ago
Yes c is rite, which mean no sense of humour
Engr Amso
6 years ago
Bore means unintresting dat mean Option C is the corect ansa
6 years ago
3 years ago
yea c is d correct answ coz bore it self is boring
1 year ago
yeah c is the ansa
Okoene Chisom
6 years ago
Yes,rightly C,cause born as a noun means uninterented person
Okoene Chisom
6 years ago
Yes,rightly C,cause bore as a noun means uninterented person
2 years ago
just like person who talk too much. bf u kn he or she do knw what to say again

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Yeah its uninteresting especially in annoying manner.
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