Choose the option that best conveys the meaning of the underlined portion in the following...

Choose the option that best conveys the meaning of the underlined portion in the following sentence;

Only the small fry get punished for such social misdemeanors

  • A. small boys
  • B. unimportant people
  • C. frightened people
  • D. frivolous people
  • E. inexperienced people
Correct Answer: Option B

Small Fry is a term used to describe an insignificant person. It means insignificant people or things. 

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Contributions (125)

I realy agree B as the answer because Small Fry means someone with low quality or regard and physical worthless.
3 years ago
learning every day. never knew!
Okosodo Goodness
3 years ago
it like self explanatory... like small things are are not important
6 years ago
Despite being B. Small fry does it denote unimportant. Or less privilege
timta c
5 years ago
wit dis site i c no reason y we wont pass dis jamb with GOD also by our side
Adeys Adex
6 years ago
Yes dats de corect ans,cos small fry re de masses dat re nt recognise in de society,so if dey commit any crime dey ll be purnished for it,bt if a recognise person commit de same crime dey ll go scot free,dats why de small fry is de right ans
5 years ago
yea,small fry simply means people dat are not important wen compared to other people.
2 years ago
Yes,B is the answer
2 years ago
d answer is B .But i tink it should be C.
7 years ago
Yeah its “b“.small fry means less in value
6 years ago
Everyone is just saying..d same thing..cant someone repoof it and drag in arguement?? least someone should sa...''the answer is D''....lolz
7 years ago
Yea.small fry is definitely d answer
7 years ago
Absolutely correct
komolafe mary
4 years ago
same ni o
ramatu yunusa
4 years ago
Here is an explanation:

Good to know, i like that

REF: thougt

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