Which of the following is not a form of business organization

Which of the following is not a form of business organization
  • A. A sole proprietorship
  • B. Cartel
  • C. Partnership
  • D. Joint stock
  • E. Cooperative society
Correct Answer: Option B
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Contributions (5)

2 years ago
b is answer bcos cartei is not form of biz organazation
5 years ago
u must not repeat the answer if it is already correct when u don't have additional information to add ............. more reference to olaleye plllsssss
5 years ago
cartel is the correct answer bcos, is association of independent firm producing similar product to regulate the price of their commodity and restrict entry of a new company.
6 years ago
Yes cos cartel is just an associoa of independent companies formed to regulate the prices of sales conditions of a products

it is nt a form of business
6 years ago
Yea,dat's d ryt ansa 2 it...B is correct

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