The foreign exchange market is a market where

The foreign exchange market is a market where
  • A. graded commoditties like wheat, flour, etc are sold and bought
  • B. currencies are sold and bought
  • C. treasury bills are sold and bought
  • D. government bonds are sold and bought
  • E. treasury certificates are sold
Correct Answer: Option B
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Contributions (11)

3 years ago
B, bcos foreign exchange market is a market where currencies are bought and sold
b is d rite ans becos foreign trade is btn 2 or more countries
7 years ago
It a situation whereby u go to banks or maybe when u arrive at the airport and u are having a money of anoda country wit u, then u take a process by Exchanging it to the current country u are...
4 years ago
B bc foreign exchange of mkt s for currencies
Foreign exchange market is the market for currencies trading. Just like forex trading
Balogun Adebayo
7 years ago
Yap u can definately read diz under type of market based according 2 d type of goods sold

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