Uche's action based on the dialogue, can help in?

WAEC 2018

Use the dialogue below to answer the following question.

Ade: Uche, are you not going to work today?

Uche: i will go, but by public transport.

Ade: why?

Uche: One of the side mirrors of my car is broken and also, the car emits excessive smoke.

Uche's action based on the dialogue, can help in?

  • A. reducing road accident
  • B. increasing air pollution
  • C. encourage public transportation
  • D. ensuring vehicle's functionality
Correct Answer: Option A

The following are some tips that can prevent road accidents:

  1. Keep your eyes on the road. When you are driving,
  2. Never use your cell phone.
  3. Never, ever drink and drive.
  4. Avoid construction areas.
  5. Follow speed limits.
  6. Follow the rules of the road.
  7. Ignore aggressive drivers.
  8. Perform engine maintenance regularly.
  9. Repair faulty car parts before using the car on the road.

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