If hydrogen sulphide gas is passed into a solution of a pure iron chloride, a...

If hydrogen sulphide gas is passed into a solution of a pure iron chloride, a yellow deposit appears. If the deposit is filtered, a pale green solution is left behind. The pale green solution is
  • A. dilute sulphuric acid
  • B. dilute hydrochloric acid
  • C. unreacted hydrogen sulphide in water
  • D. iron (III) chloride
  • E. Iron (II) chloride
Correct Answer: Option E
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Contributions (14)

6 years ago
Yes this is a test for iron (ii) chloride when it reacts with H2SO4 or HCL to form a pale green iron (ii) chloride
adah promise
1 year ago
yah d answer is correct
adah promise
1 year ago
d answer is correct
7 years ago
y is it iron2 why not iron3chloride
7 years ago
yes correct
7 years ago
test for iron(II)oxide
6 years ago
H2S is a reducin agent so it reduces FeCl3 to FeCl2 which is greenish
1 week ago
normal,Fe2+ has palegreen color while Fe3+ has brown color etc
5 years ago
2 years ago
D option selected z korrect cos fe(II) z always green

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