Zinc Oxide is a

Zinc Oxide is a
  • A. Basic Oxide
  • B. Acidic Oxide
  • C. Amphoteric Oxide
  • D. Neutral Oxide
  • E. Reactive Oxide
Correct Answer: Option C
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Contributions (230)

@ architech it's not neutral (but water etc is) because it could turn litmus paper either red or blue (acidic and basic properties) based on the substances used ie acid or base.
6 years ago
Hello pple, any news abt nxtyr's Jamb? Lyk d date or sumfin.
6 years ago
ZnO possesses characteristic both of acid and base which makes it an amphoteric oxide. Another element of such unique property is Al2O3...
4 years ago
Acid is a proton donor,while Base is a proton acceptor,Zinc oxide itself exhibits both characteristics,Owing to this,ZnO is amphoteric oxide.
favour lee
2 years ago
Here is an explanation:

Al2O3, ZnO and SnO are typical amphoteric oxides.

Metal oxides are usually basic and they react with acids to form their respective salts. But amphoteric oxides react with both acids and alkalis to form salts.

ZnO reacts with hydrochloric acid forming zinc chloride and water.

ZnO 2HCl = ZnCl2 H2O.

With sodium hydroxide, it forms sodium zincate and water.

ZnO 2NaOH = Na2ZnO2 H2O.
6 years ago
Its amphoteric cos it has both acidic and basic properties it can react as an acid nd as a base
An ampoteric oxide is an oxide that forms an acid when it reacts with water.so zinc oxide is ampoteric
5 years ago
Zinc is a metaloid,it is also a transition element,it is btw metal and non metal that is y its oxide behave as both acidic and basic oxide
4 years ago
Here is an explanation:

becuz d have properties of acid and base
6 years ago
you all are wrong, it is a basic oxide ZnO meanin it belongs to group 2.its only group 3 elements dat form amphoteric oxides e.g aluminium
At secondry level normaly we hv abt five types oxides depending on either it is metal or non-metal that is reacting with either water or oxygen.there are some oxides that when react water wil give acid or base but nt both at the same tym and this oxides are called Amphoteric oxides bcos they hv both acidic and basic properties whch include ZnO, Al2O3
7 years ago
Zinc oxide is an amphoteric oxide bcoz it it displays d xteracters of an acid likewise a base.
umar by
6 years ago
zinc oxide is amphotric oxide. and amphotric oxide is a metallic oxide which can show both acidic and basic properties
4 years ago
2 years ago
Amphoteric oxide are oxide of metal that can behave both as acidic and basic oxides.

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