Zinc Oxide is a

Zinc Oxide is a
  • A. Basic Oxide
  • B. Acidic Oxide
  • C. Amphoteric Oxide
  • D. Neutral Oxide
  • E. Reactive Oxide
Correct Answer: Option C
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4 years ago
Here is an explanation:

this is because zinc oxide reacts with both acid and base to produce salt and water only

REF: check: new school chemistry
7 years ago
Yes the answer is Amphoteric oxide.
6 years ago
Amphoteric oxides are formed from amphoteric metals (Pb, Al, Zn etc) and oxygen the have the property of behaving like acidic and basic oxides.
6 years ago
Its amphoteric cos it exhibits both acidic and basic properties.
7 years ago
is amphoteric cos it has both acidic nd basic properties
7 years ago
Zinc oxide cn work as an acid or base so crt ans is b.
tonia 4 life
6 years ago
The ans is c simple.nothing like like acid nor base.is amphoteric

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