1990 WAEC Agricultural Science Practical Study the diagram below and use it to answer Questions (a) - (d) (a) ldentify the...

WAEC 1990

Study the diagram below and use it to answer Questions (a) - (d)

(a) ldentify the farm implement illustrated by diagram above

(b) Describe briefly how the farm implement operates.

(c)(i) Name the part labelled A - D in the diagram  

(d) State three ways of maintaining the farm implement.


(a) The farm implement illustrated by the diagram is Planter, seed planter/precision seed drill. 

(b) Ways of functioning or operation;

  • The implement is attached or coupled to a tractor and pushed by man or pulled by animal.
  • As the planter moves, the furrow opener opens the soil/land
  • The sprocket controls the seed plate or drops the seeds
  • The furrow closer closes the furrow, the roller presses it up and the inter-row marker marks / indicates the planting distance

(c) Labelling and functions of the parts labelled:

  • B - hole digger/furrow opener. Function: digs a hole in front into which the seed(s) will drop.
  • C - seed hose /seed tube. Function: conducts or directs the seed from the base of the hopper into the hole dug.
  • A - Seed hopper / seed box / seed container. Function: contains the seeds ( to be planted).
  • D. furrow ( wheel) press/ roller. Function: Presses the soil to cover the seed dropped into the hole.

(d) Maintenance of planter:

  • should only be used for the purpose for which it is meant,
  • should be(dismantled) and washed/cleaned after Use 
  • wash and dry after use,
  • store under cool, dry environment;
  • metal parts should be oiled/greased to prevent rusting,
  • bolts and nuts should be tightened regularly;
  • replace worn-out parts;
  • Lubricate movable joints.

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